Where’s The Beef?

25 Jan

beef label  1

Check your pet treat ingredients
Can you read the ingredient list and actually pronounce them? Are you familiar with the ingredients? If it is a beef treat, is it REAL meat or organ meat? Your pet’s nutrition matters , a healthy pet is a happy pet!
When you feed your pet a Ruby’s Naturals treat, not only are you giving them a delicious treat, but a nutritionally beneficial one as well!

Here at Ruby’s Naturals we are dedicated to using only fresh, human grade ingredients in all of our pet treats. We use local and organic ingredients as well. Our Beef Liver & Sweet Potato treats contain only FIVE ingredients! A half pound of REAL Beef Liver goes into each pound of our treats!!

Let’s talk Liver. Beef Liver is a great source of protein. It is loaded with Iron, all the B vitamins, Vitamin A, and lots of minerals. Iron is a micromineral that is better absorbed from animal sources (liver) rather than plant sources. Iron is responsible for carrying oxygen in blood and muscles. Food sources include organ meats and egg yolks. Egg is another ingredient in Ruby’s Naturals Beef Liver & Sweet Potato treat. Did you know the eggs we use come from our own chickens?

B Vitamins have many functions, but primarily think of them as energy helpers, metabolism helpers and helpers with nerves. Beef liver also contains Copper which aids in the absorption and transport of Iron. Copper helps with the elimination of free radicals and bone development, energy production and the formation of hemoglobin. Zinc is also found in beef liver which serves many functions. Some of these include helping in skin and wound healing, influencing carbohydrate and protein metabolism and is essential in reproduction.

We also use Sweet Potato’s in our Beef Liver & Sweet Potato treat, which are a good source of Vitamins B and E, Potassium and Manganese. Sweet Potato’s are a great dietary source of fiber.

Broccoli Sprouts are added to our treats. Sprouts are loaded with enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Broccoli sprouts contain a natural compound called Sulforaphane GS (sgs). A long-lasting antioxidant which helps support the body’s immune function.

We do not add ANY preservatives to our treats, therefore, please place them in the refrigerator or the freezer to ensure freshness. They will last weeks in the fridge and months in the freezer.

Ruby’s Naturals Beef Liver & Sweet Potato treats are great for dogs and cats. These soft treats make really awesome training rewards as they break apart easily without crumbling.

Visit our store site at http://www.rubysnaturals.com                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                beef liver and sweet potato picture


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