What are essential oils?

9 Jul







Essential oils are a group of chemical components that can evaporate and be distilled.  They are also oil soluble, which means they can dissolve and/or combine with other oils or fats.  Lastly, they are found in all or part of one or many aromatic plants.

These ingredients are created by plants for immune defense, tissue healing and other metabolic purposes within the plant.


Pure essential oils are extracted from the whole plant or part of an aromatic plant through steam distillation.  Citrus oils go through a little different process by pressing the oils from the peel.

There are many oils on the market.  Be certain to use only pure therapeutic grade essential oils that are naturally derived.  I avoid any oils that are extracted using chemical solvents or that contain any synthetic chemicals.


Essential oils are safe and effective to use on yourself, your family and your pets, however, certain oils should be avoided for cats, who can be super sensitive to oils such as Melalueca and also Neem.  Consult someone who is experienced in oils before applying to your feline friend.

There are several ways to apply essential oils.  The simplest way to use essential oils is aromatically where you just have the animal inhale from the bottle of the oil.  This can be done by having the animal just inhale directly from the bottle or by placing one or two drops into the palm of your hand and having the animal inhale.  There are also diffusers in which you can place a couple drops of oils into them and they are released by a timer into the air.  When we recently moved, I was a bit nervous about loading my two horses onto a horse trailer.  They had not been on a trailer since we originally moved to South Carolina over 2 1/2 years ago!  For you horse folks out there, I’m sure you can appreciate my concern, especially since my mare can be very difficult to load and unload.  I used the essential oil called Valor, which has many uses, one of which helps build confidence and calm anxiety.  I let the horses inhale the oil directly from the bottle for as long as they wanted to.  It took about 10-15 minutes.  I then loaded my gelding first without any issues and then, with a deep breath and an inhale of Valor for myself, I loaded my mare quickly without any hesitation, jerking, or anything!  She loaded like she was an old pro and the best part was her unload.  In the past she would rush off the trailer, not this time, she carefully and calmly unloaded off the trailer!

You can place the oils topically on your pet.  The most effective way is to apply the oils directly to the pads of your pets feet. dogflex This will be absorbed immediately.  You can also take a couple of drops into your own hand and massage it into your pet.   Another effective way is applying a compress, wherein you place a hot or cold moist towel directly on the skin to help drive the oil in deeper into the tissues.

There are several other ways to apply the oils, another one is internally.  I cannot stress enough though to be certain it is a therapeutic grade essential oil that is safe to take internally for you or your pet.

Essential oils are great for treating your pet who has fleas, dry skin, itchy skin, hot spots, arthritis, spinal injuries, as a natural de-wormer, or who needs emotional clearing, just to name a few.

I have a friend whose mare had a chronic sinus infection.  She contacted her vet who prescribed antibiotics, which did not seem to work for her.  She decided to give her mare 20 drops of the essential oil Thieves (which helps with infection) every day for 30 days.  The mare is free of her sinus infection and, to date, it has not returned in over a year.  images-4images-1

Another great essential oil is Lavender.  This can be used for a pet that has allergies.  It is also very beneficial for a pet that suffers from anxiety as it is a very calming oil.  Some other benefits of Lavender include blisters, bug repellent, candida, depression, gas/flatulence, hair loss, inflammation, mastitis, thrush, just to name a few primary uses of this fabulous essential oil.

If you have any questions about essential oils or if you would like to purchase therapeutic grade oils, please contact me at rubysnaturals@yahoo.com You can check out my essential oils page at https://www.youngliving.org/brentobin



Written by:  Brenda M. Tobin-Flood, Cert.C.N.



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