Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’S)

29 Aug





Some pet owners may be all too familiar with the symptoms of urinary tract infections in dog or cats. In a UTI, the lining of the bladder becomes inflamed and irritated by the formation of mineral deposits, struvite or calcium oxalate crystals or stones. If your pet is urinating more frequently than usual, or if there is blood in the urine or obvious discomfort or straining, then a UTI may be the culprit. It’s a serious and painful condition, and your pet might become quite irritable.
If you suspect that your pet has a UTI, seek the advice of your veterinarian. This is especially important if the kidneys become obstructed. Kidneys filter out toxins, so if there is a blockage, toxins will build up in the pet’s body.

Cats seem to develop these infections more so than dogs, especially when they are fed a dry commercial diet. Cats are obligatory carnivores and require lots of moisture in their food. One of the enormous benefits of feeding a raw diet is that it’s about 75% moisture, which is much higher than any commercial brand.

Because dogs and cats are natural carnivores, it’s normal and healthy for their urine to be acidic. The substantial amount of grain in a commercial diet, however, produces alkaline urine, which encourages bacteria growth and crystal or stone formation in the bladder. If your pet, especially your cat, is eating a dry commercial food, I would suggest a diet change. You can contact me at rubysnaturals@yahoo.com for advice on how to change the diet and what foods to provide. A good start is to offer your pet some broth made from meat or fish, along with fresh water that, ideally, is free from chemicals and fluoride. After a broth cleanse, you can transition to a more natural diet. Offer your pet their new food, but take it away after 20 or 30 minutes if they do not eat it. Allowing your pet to free feed all day long can actually alkalize the urine, and obligatory carnivores are naturally suited to eating less frequently.

There are also some natural remedies you can try in the meantime, such as giving your pet vitamin C (about 10 mg per pound, 2–3 times per day) to acidify the urine. Other good acidifiers are the amino acids D–L–methionine or L–Methionine, as well as cranberry capsules – give ½ a capsule for every 10 pounds, 2–3 times a day. These supplements can be found in most health food stores.large-cranberries-green-leaves-25652145

Several homeopathic remedies work well, such as Cantharis 30C, which is great for the bladder and helps if there is straining, pain in the urethra or kidneys, involuntary urination or blood in the urine. Arsenicum Album 30C is another good remedy, especially if the urge to urinate worsens at night. Nux Vomica 30C is a fantastic homeopathic remedy for pets who continue to get UTIs after being repeatedly treated with antibiotics.


Herbal treatments such as Barberry (Berberis vulgaris) or Saraparilla (Smilax Officinalis) can help with stone formation and bladder inflammation.


And therapeutic grade essential oils can help with discomfort. You can apply Cedarwood, Purification or Immupower over the abdomen, lower back and groin area, or combine a drop of oregano oil with a drop of Thieves oil and apply it as a warm compress over the abdomen. Cats can be quite sensitive to essential oils, so check with an oils expert if you are unsure about using certain oils with your cat.  To order therapeutic grade essential oils, please visit https://www.youngliving.org/brentobin




To request a questionnaire for a wellness/nutrition consult for your pet, or ask a question, please fill out the form below.  I will get back to you promptly.


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