Vestibular Disease

26 Aug

ear-anatomy-100279759The Vestibular system located in the inner ear is responsible for balance and equilibrium, muscle coordination, and eye movements so that images remain steady. Vestibular disease can be caused by a number of factors including ear infections, infection of the brain, cancer, parasites, auto-immune disorders and sometimes from hypothyroidism. There are two types of vestibular disease, idiopathic – meaning it comes on suddenly and basically the cause is unknown. The other is congenital where it is presented at birth. When vestibular disease comes on suddenly, it often resembles a stroke, poisoning or a seizure, which can sometimes delay the correct treatment.

Some symptoms of vestibular disease include muscle weakness and staggering (ataxia), loss of balance, involuntary, rapid oscillation of the eyes, which can involve one eye or both (nystagmus), head tilt to one side, walking in circles, facial paralysis, dizziness, nausea, excessive drooling and vomiting,

Vestibular disease is diagnosed by your veterinarian. If the cause is from an inner ear infection, antibiotics will be prescribed. Additionally, some natural treatment can be:

Flower Essences such as Walnut, scleranthus, olive, cherry plum, and star of Bethlehem.
Walnut helps protect the patient during any transition and is recommended to aid the patient in the healing process. Scleranthus is indicated for loss of balance, lack of coordination, hormone imbalance and any neurologic disorder. It can also be useful in motion sickness and is specifically called for in vestibular disease in dogs and cats. Olive is indicated for any condition that includes loss of function. Cherry Plum is helpful when the animal is out of control due to fear. They could become fearful from the symptoms of vestibular disease. Star of Bethlehem is indicated with any form of mental or physical shock. It is one of the ingredients in Rescue Remedy, which would be beneficial as well.

Some homeopathic remedies to consider would be Belladonna, Phosphorus, Aconite and Causticum to name a few. As with any homeopathic treatment, one should follow the principles of homeopathy which are knowing the remedies, study the patient and the totality of symptoms, and match the symptoms to the correct remedy.

Because dizziness is usually a major symptom, eating and drinking can be difficult for the pet suffering from vestibular disease. While they are symptomatic, holding the drinking dish up so your pet does not have to bend it’s head over to drink may be beneficial. You may consider raising their food dish during this time as well. Additionally, they may need help getting to and from their potty spots.


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Written by: Brenda M. Tobin, D.Vet.Hom, Cert. C.N.

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