Travel Sickness

29 Nov


With the up and coming Holiday season, some of us will be traveling to family or friend’s house and bringing our furry companions along. Some pets do get car sick and I wanted to offer some natural remedies to help prevent this. As a general rule, do not feed animals prior to traveling. If you are going on a long trip, you may want to offer small meals.

Homeopathic remedies are very beneficial for the treatment of travel sickness. This troubling condition may occur during travel by land, sea or air. The main symptoms are excessive salivation, frequent yawning, restlessness or dullness, nausea and vomiting.

The first remedy to consider would be Cocculus, which has been proven to be effective in up to 70% of cases. I would recommend dosing with Cocculus 30C about an hour before travel and repeat again every 1-4 hours during the trip, only if necessary. If your pet is feeling well, then you do not have to repeat the dose. If Cocculus is unsuccessful then the homeopathic remedy Tabacum 30C would be a good second choice. Dosing the same as you would the Cocculus.

Cocculus is also beneficial for jet lag, however, dose three or four times daily for 2-5 days until the symptoms disappear. Additionally, Arnica 30C four times a day for 3-7 days is of use when there is a long journey and the pet is fatigued, sore or stiff.

Calm Stress is a homochord blend (a mixture of several different homeopathic remedies made into a liquid) which also works quite well for motion sickness.

Other remedies that help especially with anxiety along with motion sickness is Bach’s Rescue Remedy. Rescue Remedy is a liquid product made from flowers, although it is not homeopathic, it is natural and safe. You can administer the drops directly into your pet’s mouth, or add some to their drinking water. You can even apply a few drops onto the ears of your pet and gently rub into the skin, avoiding getting any liquid down into the ear canal. Give the Rescue Remedy, which can be found online or in any health food store, before departure and as needed, every half hour or so as the pet needs it.

If you have essential oils on hand, Lavender or Peace and Calming would be perfect choices for calming a nervous pet. Essential oils can be applied to the pads of your pet’s feet, or massaged into the ear, again, avoiding images-1any oils to enter the ear canal. You just want to rub a drop or two onto the top of the ear and gently massage. Additionally, adding a drop or two of a calming essential oil to a blanket that your pet will be laying on will be helpful as well.

Written by:  Brenda M. Tobin-Flood, Cert. C.N.

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